Bye bye, My London

I go to the kitchen to cook for the very last time, and I pour red wine into my glass. I play some of my favourite music, and I am about to start singing like I usually do (this is what I call my daily kitchenette Party), but when I open my mouth, I find myself mute. I look at the clock. Time flies. I observe everything around me, and I see my Nespresso nostalgic: In a minute I will prepare my last coffee. No, I´m not dying. Well, we all are, but hopefully not soon.

I am about to start my big adventure: I am travelling to a wonderful bunch of countries in the coming months, and I shall be out of the office for the whole year, but instead of excitement I can only feel tears in my eyes and a big pain in my chest. Tears for leaving the commodity of my life, but, most importantly, for leaving the absolutely amazing friends that I have made in London during all these years.

It is really difficult to leave people behind. Things are great. I love things, but they are always replaceable. But people? Good God, how could I find again people like the one I have met? It has been eleven and a half years in London, and up till the last minute I have met the most interesting souls. I am truly lucky.

It has taken me sweat and tears to get to where I am today. Finding a decent place to live in London is really hard, and it is even harder to get to live with someone you love. I also work in a place where I have met the majority of my friends. It seemed like I got it all, but somehow, in this comfty path that I started trekking, I am not finding what I have always aimed for; what I know I can achieve; and the worst thing is that time is passing fast. That Big Ben is reminding me this almost every minute. Can I really afford wasting more time?

But let us not get any more emotional and boring. This is just  a message of Love and Appreciation to all the people who have touched my heart in the last duodecennium in this wonderful city. I shall probably come back. But right now, I should get on going with my Big Adventure.

World, here I come!



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