Baños (Ecuador)

After a 5-hour drive southwest from Tena, you will find Baños de Agua Santa (or just Baños, as people call it): a wonderful town with a population of around 14,600 inhabitants in the province of Tungurahua, in the centre of Ecuador. Baños de Agua Santa (translated into ´Baths of Sanctified Water´) and its province have... Continue Reading →

Amazon Jungle (Tena – Ecuador)

The second stop of my South America Adventure is quite a thing: I´m off to the Amazon Jungle in Tena, capital of the Napo province, in Ecuador. Tena is 5 hours away from Quito by bus. Once there, I passed onto another small vehicle and drove for about 45 minutes more into the Amazon Rainforest. The... Continue Reading →

Quito (Ecuador)

Here we go. My big adventure in South America has started and it has commenced from the top: Ecuador. Let me see, what do I know about South America...? A little, to be honest: the fact that they speak Spanish (except in Brazil, Guyana and Suriname), and that this is because of those barbarian conquistadores,... Continue Reading →

Bye bye, My London

I go to the kitchen to cook for the very last time, and I pour red wine into my glass. I play some of my favourite music, and I am about to start singing like I usually do (this is what I call my daily kitchenette Party), but when I open my mouth, I find... Continue Reading →


Led Zeppelin described it: “The land of the ice and snow, where the hot springs flow…” I´ve also come from the land of the ice and snow, where sleeping mountains of fire await to be awoken, and waterfalls run furiously in expression of their magnificent power; a land of contradiction, where ice and heat live... Continue Reading →

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